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Car Subscriptions FAQ

1. General

What is Car Subscriptions with Motor Lead?

Motor Lead and Partners are a vehicle subscription marketplace offering members the most flexible way to shop for vehicles. Members can choose from a wide selection of offers from our vehicle partners, such as Avis, Barloworld, Europcar and Motus. Our members enjoy the convenience of an all-inclusive monthly fee for their vehicle, which means no need to worry about insurance or maintenance. Vehicle subscriptions offer maximum flexibility, allowing members to return or swap their vehicle with ease.

Who is Car Subscriptions for?

It’s for anyone who wants to avoid the hassle and risks of buying a vehicle using traditional vehicle financing. We are ushering in a more flexible and convenient vehicle shopping experience for digitally-savvy customers in markets like South Africa.

Which cities does Motor Lead operate in?

Motor Lead head office is based on Cape Town Century City and is currently available nationwide in South Africa.

What are the benefits of joining Car Subscription with Motor Lead and Partners?

Ultimate Flexibility

· No long-term contracts. Swap, pause or cancel your subscription.

All-Inclusive Fees

· No need to worry about maintenance or insurance. That’s right, no more worries about those what-ifs, we do it all for you.

The simplest way to shop

· Order your vehicle and have it delivered to your door all from the comfort of your couch. Say goodbye to the hassle of vehicle shopping.

Vehicles that never get old

· Your vehicle will seamlessly get swapped for a newer model at the end of every purchase window.

How do I contact Motor Lead?

Members are always welcome to reach us via WhatsApp on +27 60 070 2314, email us on or via our social media channels.

What is a vehicle subscription?

A vehicle subscription provides flexible long-term access to vehicles through one all-inclusive monthly fee. The single monthly fee is comparable to the monthly cost of combining the vehicle financing, damage cover, maintenance plan and vehicle tracking. The key differences with vehicle subscriptions are that there are no multi-year commitments, no large upfront deposits and no obligations to make balloon payments at the end. Members always have the freedom to return, swap the vehicle with ease.

2. How do Car Subscriptions work?​

Which documents do I need to apply to become a Member?

Applying for a vehicle subscription is simple. Be sure to have the following on hand:

  • – A Valid Drivers Licence (no Learners licences are accepted)
  • – A Valid ID or Passport
  • – 3 Months latest bank statements
  • – 3 Months latest payslips
  • – Recent Proof of Address

How do I get started?

Ready to join the Club? Become a member by following these 6 simple steps:

  • – Select your vehicle
  • – Create your profile
  • – Assess your affordability status
  • – Schedule your vehicle delivery
  • – Pay your ML Fee and first subscription fee
  • – Get on the road!

I do not have a South African smart ID card

You can use your passport or green ID book. If you are not taking a picture using your phone, please ensure it is uploaded in jpeg format. Where the back image of the ID is requested, you can upload the front image again.

I’m struggling to verify my identity. What should I do?

Follow the prompts to verify your identity either on your mobile phone or desktop. Ensure that you rotate your head slowly, while the green ring fills up. Please note that you will not be able to register if your documents are not uploaded in the correct format.

I have a foreign bank account, can you still assist?

Yes, Motor Lead and Partners are indeed also able to assist international members. Please reach out to if you get stuck at the affordability verification step.

How does Motor Lead and Partners evaluate eligibility? Which vehicles can I afford?

The affordability verification is predominantly based on the ratio of monthly income to the subscription fee. Other factors such as available balance are also taken into account. As a guideline, we recommend spending less than 30% of your monthly income on your subscription.

How does Motor Lead and Partners work with vehicle rental companies?

On the Motor Lead and Partners marketplace, we have a range of partners offering vehicle subscriptions to members. Some of our partners are vehicle rental companies who choose to work with our Partners to help improve the digital experience of their vehicle subscription offers.

3. Vehicle Selection​

What vehicle options do you offer?

Each of our partners offer a variety of vehicle makes and models on our marketplace. The selection of vehicles is continuously being updated and you are welcome to submit suggestions for models not available on the marketplace.

What does ‘vehicle subject to availability’ mean for me?

Due to the global chip shortage impacting all vehicle manufacturers worldwide, vehicle supply is subject to availability from our vehicle partners. Should we be unable to fulfil your vehicle selection, we will inform you and offer the closest available alternative to your preferred vehicle. While our team will make every effort to source your preferred vehicle, we may not always be able to accommodate your request. Should we be unable to fulfill your vehicle choice, we’ll inform you as soon as possible and offer you the closest available alternative.

Can I choose the colour of my vehicle?

Cars on the marketplace typically have the highest availability in white or silver. You are welcome to communicate your preferences by writing to and our partners will do the best they can to accommodate, but no guarantees on colour are possible.

What mileage are vehicles delivered with?

All vehicles typically have low mileage, unless indicated differently on the marketplace.

Are there products available for more than 3000km per month?

At present, 3,000km per month is the highest mileage bundle available.

Is maintenance and damage cover covered by my vehicle subscription?

All private vehicle subscriptions are fully-inclusive, meaning there is no need to purchase separate damage cover or maintenance plans. In the event of an accident, a liability may be due, which is similar to an excess associated with most insurance products. Not applicable to commercial or motorbike products.

Does unused mileage carry over to the next month?

No, unused mileage does not carry over each month on private subscriptions.

How often can I swap vehicles?

One of the major benefits of subscribing to a vehicle is that you have the flexibility to change your vehicle, once a month around your subscription renewal date. Want to spend your next month in an SUV to make the upcoming road trip more comfortable? No problem!

What is the penalty if I scratch or dent the vehicle?

If the vehicle partner deems that the damage is significant and needs to be repaired, the cost of the repair is for the customers’ account up to a maximum of the incident liability amount.

4. Payments​

How do payments for my vehicle subscription work?

Your monthly subscription fee will be billed between the 25th and the 1st of each month, depending on your preference. Based on when you take delivery, a prorated fee may apply to reconcile your date of delivery and billings date.

When do I make payment for the first month?

All subscriptions are paid for in advance. This means the vehicle cannnot be delivered until the first subscription payment has been successfully processed.

What happens to traffic fines and tolls?

All traffic fines and tolls incurred with the vehicle are billed seperately, and will be communicated accordingly.

All vehicles have a pre-installed e-tag and will be subject to toll charges.

What’s not included in my monthly subscription fee?

Your monthly Car subscription fee includes the cost of your vehicle, insurance, maintenance as well as vehicle tracking. The following charges aren’t included in your monthly subscription fee:

– Fuel

– Toll fees

– Traffic fines

– Incident excesses

– Cleaning fees

– Extra mileage

– 1% Tourism level charged daily that is paid to Tourism Levy South Africa (TOMSA).

– Administrative cost charge for handeling of fines, accidents but not limited to.

– Monthly account fee of R120.

When will I be billed?

Your monthly subscription fee will be billed between the 25th and the 1st of each month, depending on your preference. Based on when you take delivery, a prorated fee may apply to reconcile your date of delivery and billings date.

There are 3 important billing dates that you need to remember:

  1. Your initial payment date – this is the date of your first subscription payment.
  2. Your anniversary date – this is the date that you receive the vehicle.
  3. Your monthly billing date – this is a date that you select between the 25th to the 1st of each month to be billed on for your subscription going forward

Here’s an example of how billings work:

You select a vehicle for R10,000. You make your first subscription payment on the 8th of March (this is your initial payment date).

You receive the vehicle on the 15th of March (this is your anniversary date).

You select the 25th of each month to be your billing date (this is your monthly billing date).

After your initial payment, your next billing date will be the 25th of March (as selected). The amount due on 25 March will be used to make up the days between your delivery date and new monthly billing date.

In this case, as you received your vehicle on the 15th and selected the 25th as your monthly billing date, you will be charged a pro-rata rate for 10 days. By paying this amount you will be up to date on payments until the 25th of the following month.

The amount is calculated as below:

R10,000.00 is broken up into a daily rate. This “daily rate” is multiplied by the number of days between your anniversary date and your selected monthly billing date.

To summarise this example, you would have paid: R10,000.00 on the 8th of March – Initial payment date

R3225.80 on the 25th of March – Pro rated fee amount (Pro-rated for 10 days: R10,000.00 / 31 = R322.58 x 10 = R3225.80)

Your next payment will be R10,000.00 on the 25th of April – Monthly billing date

*Please note that the daily rate is used for calculation purposes only. The minimum length of any subscription is 1 full month. A vehicle returned before its anniversary date in the next month will be liable to a charge.

*Motor Lead and Partners must be notified of the vehicles’ return – any amounts due will be refunded to the member for unused days.

How can I change my payment profile?

You can update your billings information by contacting

What happens if I miss a payment?

Motor Lead and Partners will notify you immediately upon a missed payment.

You will be given 3 days before the vehicle is sent in for recovery – at this point, no payment plans or account settlements will reverse the recovery process. Late penalty fee of R1500 will apply on day 2 of no payment reflecting.

If you paid a deposit on the vehicle, it will be used to cover the balance of the amount owed.

Should you still not have settled your account after the vehicle is recovered, you will be blacklisted from Motor Lead and Partners and your account and details will be handed over to collectors as well as SACRRA.

For any additional queries please contact us.

Alternatively please view our terms of service for more information.

5. Vehicle Delivery​

Does my vehicle have to be delivered to home?

We can deliver your car to your work or home address. You can also request to collect the car from one of our partner locations.

How do I change my selected delivery address?

You will need to notify us of any changes at least 48 hours prior to the delivery of your vehicle.

You can notify us by contacting or sending a message on Whatsapp to +27 60 070 2314.

If I change my delivery date, will this affect my billing date?

The amount charged to your card in the first month will be the full monthly subscription amount. Changing the delivery date will only affect the day of the month the charges are processed moving forward.

Why do I need to sign a contract with the provider of the vehicle?

All subscriptions on the Motor Lead and Partners marketplace are provided by a wide range of partners.

Your subscription agreement will always be with the partner providing the vehicle to you.

Which areas can the vehicle be delivered to?

We arrange delivery in most areas within the cities available on our marketplace. If in doubt, you’re welcome to reach out to

How do I schedule vehicle delivery?

The vehicle delivery step is covered during your checkout process. You will be prompted to provide a delivery address and preferred date/time for the delivery.

Can I reschedule my delivery?

You are welcome to cancel and reschedule your vehicle delivery up to 24 hours before the selected date by emailing

Late cancellations may incur an additional charge.

6. During your subscription​

How do I swap my vehicle?

You can arrange your vehicle swap at the end of a monthly cycle by contacting

How often will my vehicle be automatically swapped for a newer model?

This depends on the terms of the auto-swap window from the vehicle partner.

Most vehicles will automatically be swapped within 11 months of the subscription start date, or when the vehicle has reached the maximum mileage threshold (typically 30,000km).

Is it possible to return a vehicle in the middle of the month?

You may return the vehicle at any time after the first 30 days of your subscription but you will forfeit any unused days already paid for in that billing cycle.

What happens if I exceed my mileage package?

If you exceed your mileage limit, the surcharge will be billed seperately. Please see details of mileage bundles on the subscription offer page for your selected vehicle. Exceeded mileage are paid on invoice, failing to make payment, vehicle will go into recovery.

Why do I need to share my monthly mileage?

All vehicle subscriptions include specific mileage bundles. Any mileage travelled beyond your selected bundle will be billed separately. In an effort to confirm the accuracy of the mileage reading and ensure you are billed correctly, each month we ask members to confirm their mileage.

What if I decide to order a second additional vehicle?

If you would like to add another car to your existing subscription, please reach out to

Are additional drivers permitted to use the vehicle?

Yes, registered drivers may utilize the vehicle. Additional drivers may be added on request by sending a mail to at an additional cost of R160 for additional driver.

Are there any penalties for cancelling my subscription?

We offer total flexibility, meaning no penalties if you decide to stop your subscription after the first 30 days of your subscription. One month notice will be required.

Can I pause my subscription temporarily if I am travelling outside the country with plans to restart when I return?

Absolutely! You’re welcome to pause your subscription on your subscription renewal date. The vehicle will need to be returned to the Vehicle Partner. Once you’re ready for us to deliver another vehicle, simply inform one of our member representatives. Importantly, the vehicle will not be the exact same car you returned.

What is the process when the vehicle needs a service?

In most cases, you will receive a notification informing you when the vehicle is due for service. Depending on the Vehicle Partner, they may recommend swapping your vehicle for a newer model at that point. If the vehicle is not swapped, the notification will include information on how we will facilitate the service to ensure it is as convenient as possible.

How can I end my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time after the first 30 days of your subscription without penalties, however we don’t refund unused subscription days. To end your subscription, simply head to your member dashboard, navigate to the subscription tab and press “End Subscription”. Alternatively, you may contact informing them of when you would like to return your vehicle.